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Our top 10 favourite bar signs of the last year.

Hello Sheddies,
One year ago in my bar I had an idea with the other Fat Bloke, To design and make bar signs for our community that were way better than the competitions.
One year on you have trusted us to design more than 1000 personalised bar signs that are so good our competitors are copying our designs. (Not very well but we are still flattered - you know who you are)
We are hugely thankful for your trust and support; you have enabled us to do a job we love in a community of amazing people.
We are now involved with "Pub Shed Radio", a few pub shed groups and run the Pub Shed Of The Year competition. There’s a lot more to come next year but for now here’s some of my favourites design this year.
A silverback gorilla bar sign   Beer label style personalised pub sign with matching coasters and runner. The Monkey Nuts pub sign
Pirate inspired custom bar sign featuring a smuggler A working dog personalized hanging bar sign
Apple tree custom pub sign 404 bar lindos - Official bar sign on an RAF roundel
HMS Ark Royal bar sign The Kraken inspired hanging pub sign

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