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Creating The Perfect Man Cave With Our Bar Signs

We all need a bit of space from time to time. Some of us like to cook or read. Maybe you unwind by doing some exercise. For us, the best way to kick back and take some time to yourself is to retire to the shed, beer(s) in hand. That’s the life.

Wherever you choose to unwind, we certainly hope it looks the part. This blog aims to cover some ideas on how to create the perfect man cave. That said, if you are not a man, or a man with a cave, don’t fret, we cater to all. Whether it’s a she-shed, her-hovel, man-shed, even a cupboard under the stairs. It doesn’t matter where it is, as long as you’ve got a Two Fat Blokes personalised bar sign slapped on the door.


For us, the key to the best man cave, home bar, pub shed or other room where you drink and think about your life’s mistakes, is décor. As you may know we run and judge the Pub Shed of the Year competition alongside our mates at Pub Shed Radio, so we do know our way around a pub shed interior. We really believe that if you’re going to give your pub a theme, you’re going to want to go all out with the décor too.

We’ve got a few suggestions below of some themes if you’re stuck.

  • Gin bar
  • 1920’s speak easy
  • Cocktail lounge
  • Western bar
  • Beach bar
  • Sports bar
Pub Shed - Custom bar signs


If you do pick a theme, we suggest committing to the theme and really filling the space with all the décor and memorabilia you can. The best bars make your punters say ‘wow’ and your partner quiz you about the total cost. If you are struggling for theme, browse the winner of last year’s Pub Shed of the Year, here.

As you can see, last year’s winner completely filled their space and left nothing to the imagination. A classic British boozer from floor to ceiling, complete with a darts board, union jack accessories and loads of wall décor. You feel the trademark pub feel as soon as you step through the door, and we love it.


The beauty of having your own space is that all the things you’ve ever wanted at the pub can be right next to you. So, have a think of everything you could possibly need to have the perfect space. We’re talking about a beer fridge, wine rack, a shelf for your favourite books perhaps, stereo system. Maybe a lounge sofa to kick back and have a kip on when you’re too many beers in to make the 6 steps back home. And, if your shed is like ours, a dog bed for the pub pooch. Something to consider might be how far away your respective cave is from the nearest loo.


It goes without saying that your space is going to need some top-notch entertainment systems. A big TV to watch the sports on perhaps, a gaming system set up for when you’ve got your mates round, or a stereo set up for karaoke nights. Whatever you choose to have in there, make sure there’s a strong enough Wi-Fi connection, no loose cords that’ll trip you up and some good seating to really settle into.

Home Bar Signs

Yes, we’re biased, but you can look past that. To complete your man cave (or alternative), a name is key. But it can’t just be a name that only you know, a great man cave or home pub needs its own personalised bar sign. Custom bar signs are what transforms a regular room into a dedicated space. We’ve got a large selection of home bar signs  designed and created by us. So, plenty of choices to browse if you haven’t named yours yet and need some inspiration. Or, if you fancy something different, we’re happy to create custom and bespoke bar signs for you.

Some of our most requested bar signs are below:


Gorilla Inn bar sign, Silverback inn pub sign



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