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Is the cost of living crisis killing off the Traditional Pub


With the huge cost of living crisis more and more homeowners are adding their own pub in their gardens. With the average cost of a pint now over £4.23 across the whole of the UK and over £9 in London it’s no surprise that that Britons are looking for ways to save on the cost of their entertainment. More & more British drinkers are building their own garden pub to save on the cost of the booze with a pint from the local supermarket costing just £1.38 it's easy to see how much is saved by having your favourite tipple at home, then there’s no expensive taxis or waiting at a bus stop in the cold.

During the pandemic the popularity of having your own pub in your garden exploded, estimates put the number more than 2 million back garden pubs and bars are now in operation. Many of these bars are DIY built featuring fully functioning bars with large screens, Sky TV, sound systems, pool tables, darts boards, real fires, and a huge variety of drinks for friends and family. The owners even name their bars with many owners having a bar sign featuring their bar name and a tongue in cheek design.

There is a whole industry now set up to cater for the humble pub shed from shed suppliers, bar makers, drinks suppliers and sign makers. When COVID hit, and the pub trips were put on hold. This led to an influx of home bars popping up in gardens everywhere. Across the UK, home bars and pub sheds were being built, transformed, and designed.

There’s even a dedicated radio station called Pub Shed Radio where amature DJ’s broadcast from their pub sheds to the listeners Pub Sheds. Try asking Alexa to “Enable Pub Shed Radio” - As well as a community radio station there are countless Facebook groups for Pub Shedders to get advice and support building their own back garden boozer.

You can either build your own Pub Shed or buy a ready made shed and fit it out yourself. There are no rules on what you can do, build from brick, wood or even old pallets. Many owners fit them out to be just like a real high street pub with all of the paraphernalia associated with a pub, optics, beer machines, fridges, ice machines, TVs’ and of cause a sound system.

The fantastic thing about your own Pub Shed is no rules, If you want to drink late, smoke a fag, play Bon Jovi on Karaoke you can. The community continues to grow at the expense of the British high street pub for all of the above reasons. They even have their own yearly competition to find the best Pub Shed every year called Pub Shed of the Year, The quality of these back garden pubs is unreal. So come and join the masses & build your own Pub Shed for you, your mates and family.