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Our Tips To Personalise Your Home Pub

Home bars have been the friend through the pandemic we didn’t know we needed. But with so many cropping up, it can be quite hard to make yours unique. Below are our tips for personalising your home pub and making it your own.

Personalised Bar Signs – The Perfect Addition

To begin, you’re going to want a personalised bar sign! Home bar signs are the first thing your guests are going to see as they enter your new boozer. You need to decide if you’re going to go classic with something like “The Oak Tree”, something completely personal to you such as your last name? “The Jones Arms”. Or are you going to go full out quirky and call it something strange and funny? We have a lot of sign ideas on our website, check them out here for inspiration.

A fan favourite of ours is “The Dog House” or “The Stagger Inn”. Its safe to say, home bar signs are the first thing your guests are gonna see, and hopefully if they’re not too done in, the last thing they remember on the way out.

Aside from personalised pub signs, your home pub is going to want to reflect a theme. Style, mood, and lighting are really going to reflect the character of your home pub. Perhaps you’ve gone for a nautical theme? That means lots of hanging fake seagulls, an obligatory sailor’s hat for the landlord, even a massive ship’s wheel. Go all out, it’s your pub!

Maybe you’ve gone for a traditional UK pub theme. That means your personalised home bar sign is going to say something traditional like “The King’s Head”. Displaying lots of trophies and other British paraphernalia. That includes miss matched pint glasses, a display of pork scratchings and some bar stools with dodgy legs. Spill a pint on the floor to make is sticky and you’ve got the perfect British pub.

You could go a little different and make your own speak easy style bar. The ideas are endless but below is a list of our favourites.

  • Steam punk
  • Circus
  • Comic book/literature
  • Gastropub
  • Garden themed
  • Tiki bar
  • Cars
  • Biker

Picking A Theme For Your Home Bar

Once you’ve picked a theme, it’s important to stick with it and really commit. The best-looking home bars are the ones that have gone all out with the décor. No matter your ideas or theme, the way your bar looks is the main factor.             

If you’re really looking to commit you could get a chalk board, with your personalised bar name and a list of cocktails inspired by your theme, or even just your family and friends. You can update these weekly or make it a running competition between your mates to make your own cocktails.             

You can also add some pub signs for your home bar. Things like funny quotes, family anecdotes, famous one liner you like. Anything. Things that make you and your family laugh are key to making your bar personal to you.                                                               

You could also take some old pieces and upcycle them into something more unique and fitting for your home bar. Perhaps you’ve got some stuff lying around at home you can upcycle into interesting furniture fitting for your home bar.

The important thing to remember when personalising your home bar is that its yours. Your bar should reflect whatever you want it to reflect, and for that reason, the personalisation is down to you. Go wild.

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