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The Best Pub Shed Snacks By Two Fat Blokes

Here at Two Fat Blokes Bar signs, we didn’t get to be Two Fat Blokes without years of dedication to Pubs & Pub snacks. In fact, it’s taken many years of indulgence in our favourite pastime, drinking real ale and savouring the best offerings we can find on our pub tours. Our two Dogs Elvis and Luna are great excuses to go for a walk and visit the pub just for research purposes of cause.

              Two Fat Blokes Two Fat Blokes Bar Signs

When were not making and designing bar signs you will find us at the Pub, Pub Shed or other hostely enjoying ale and pub snacks.

 The UK has a long tradition of enjoying a drink at the pub, and this often involves snacking on a variety of tasty bar snacks. Here are some of the best bar snacks that you can find in pubs around the UK:

 Pork scratchings: Crunchy pieces of fried pork skin that are often served as a snack in pubs. They are typically seasoned with salt and spices and are served in a small bag or a bowl. Our favourites are The Snaffling Pig Co.: This company produces a range of artisanal pork scratchings that are flavoured with unique seasonings, such as salt and sweet paprika, and maple bacon.

Pork Scatchins

 Nuts: A bowl of mixed nuts, such as peanuts, cashews, and almonds, is a classic bar snack that is enjoyed by many people in the UK. We are big fans of plain salted peanuts; Nobbys nuts are always a go to favourite.

Nobby's Nuts

 Crisps: Also known as chips by our US cousins, they are wrong of cause but let’s not upset them, crisps are thin slices of fried potato that are often served in a bag or a bowl as a bar snack. There are many different flavours of crisps available, including salt and vinegar, cheese and onion, and roast chicken. Personally, you can’t beat a bag of Walkers Cheese & Onion.

Walkers Cheese & Onion

 Sausage rolls: These are small, savoury pastries filled with sausage meat and are a popular snack in pubs throughout the UK. You can’t beat a freshly cooked flaky pastry filled with sausage meat and for a twist our local does them with lumps of stilton cheese, Elvis our Black lab is a big fan.

Sausage Roll

 Scotch eggs: These are hard-boiled eggs that are coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried, and they are often served as a snack in pubs. On our travels we found a pub by the local canal offering freshly cooked scotch eggs still runny in the middle. Yum Yum.

Chef Johns Scotch Eggs

 Pickled onions, cheese, and a slab of crusty bread: What’s not to love about a big lump of smelly cheddar cheese and pickles. An absolute favourite in the summer sat in the sun with a pint. Our favorite is Drivers 1906.

Drivers Pickled Onions   Cheddar Cheese

 Pickled Eggs: Wrong in so many ways but scummy if you find a home pickled egg, The chip shop versions are awful but a proper pickled egg with some chilli’s is just divine. Hunt out the real thing and you won’t be disappointed.

Pickled Eggs

 Pop Corn: It’s an American cinema snack and should never be consumed with beer. That's all we have to say on the subject.


Scampi Fries: The most magnificent pub snack of all time is so magnificent precisely because you can never seem to find it outside of the pub. I'm really not sure what they are made of and I probably don't want to know but the effect of a portion of fish & chips in a bag is truly a seventh wondered of the world.

Scampi Fries

 Now it’s back to the Print shed to make lots more Bar signHanging signs, Bar Runners & Coasters for the lovely Pub Shed Community. As usual if you’ve got a crazy idea for a pub sign then send us an email with your madness so we can come up with some of our ideas for your bar sign.

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All the best from Two Fat Blokes ShedQuarters.