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Garden Bars Trends and News

Summer garden bar ideas, cocktails and Pub Shed of the year 2022

As the summer months are coming, so are the new design ideas for home bars. Because of the pandemic, garden bars and home bars continue to grow in popularity all around the world, especially in the UK.

Today, thousands of people search the web every day for inspiration on how they can improve their home bar or garden bar. The search term “Garden bar” was searched 60 thousand times already in 2022 and as it hits June, July, and August, it’s no doubt it will be even higher!

In 2019, when Covid-19 first hit, it was a difficult time for all, especially dangerous for those who were more susceptible to health problems, so lockdowns became a regular occurrence, designed to protect those who were vulnerable as well as attempting to contain the spread of Covid. 

But this also meant that many people couldn’t see family or friends and were not allowed to meet up in local bars and restaurants.

Many homeowners then took it upon themselves to create their own home bar or garden bar. A statistic revealed that 2.7 million households in the UK created their own unique home bar since the first national lockdown in March 2020.

Home bars continue to increase in popularity because they have the same qualities of going out with your friends and family to the local pub but in the comfort of your home. Home bars or garden bars are a great place to relax and chill with family friends, which also makes them a great social point.

Not only that, but they’re also less trouble than a night out with friends. They can also be used for family get-togethers and birthday celebrations rather than spending money on a night out.  


Garden Bar Trends

With the increasing amount of garden bars, there’s also an increase in keeping them updated and relevant with the various designs and growing trends available. We’ve compiled a helpful list of some of the growing trends.

Modern bar  


Egg Chairs

The swinging egg chairs are one of the biggest trends for the summer right now. As garden bars are becoming more popular with a 234% search increase in 2021, it's no doubt better for many that own a garden bar.

Swinging egg chairs are often described as extremely comfortable and are ideal for a relaxing, outdoor living space. Their ergonomic shape makes it ideal for comfort and supporting the body as you sit on it.

 As mentioned before, garden bars are created to give homeowners a chilled and relaxing area to hang out, all in the comfort of their homes.


Custom Bar Sign

What’s better than a bespoke bar sign made for you? Custom bar signs are a great way to personalise your garden bar as well as act as a great social point for conversations.

On the market today, there are many custom/bespoke bar signs made entirely for your choosing. Along with the custom bar sign, it is also worth investing in custom beer mats to match the bar sign and create a warm, professional and sleek atmosphere. 

    The Rose Inn chalkboard

The Theme

Usually, homeowners will have a traditional theme they’ll go for, like a pub theme or a minimalist theme. Some people even tend to go down the exotic route like a Tiki Bar. 

 A Tiki bar is a bar that is decorated incorporating a Polynesian theme. A Tiki bar serves exotic cocktails and has an exotic theme and will make the homeowner feel like they're in another country. The term Tiki comes from Māori mythology.



Don't be afraid to try your flare out with a range of different cocktails, Start simple with just a few recipes and experiment to find your favourite. We've recommended Drinks Stuff for your bar supplies like shakers and glasses and our great friends at the Cocktail Pantry for foamer and how to videos.

As a starter here's a link to a great easy to follow book of recipes from Drinks Stuff


Final tips

Lastly, a fashionable choice for many is adding coloured LED lighting around the bar, as it’ll help create a warm and inviting ambience, especially at night. With multiple colour choices available, your garden bar can go from an exotic theme to a space bar at the flick of a button! 

Adding bar stools as well as a comfortable sofa, depending on how the garden bar is located, works effectively allowing you to have multiple guests at once.

Corner sofas are a perfect way for guests to sit and relax while the homeowner or someone else is preparing drinks. Corner sofas are also a comfortable and great way for friends and family to catch up in a comfortable and inviting space.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a drink, a personalised hanging bar sign and a Tiki torch and head out to your new garden bar!


Pub Shed Of The Year 2022

The annual competition to find the best Pub Shed of the year returns in August in conjunction with our friends at Pub Shed Radio (Yes it really exists just ask Alexa to play Pub Shed radio). With over 500 entries last year and thousands of votes for the final winner we will launching the 2022 competition in August. More to follow on this but meanwhile have a look at last years winners on the website. Pub Shed of the year 2022