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The Leaders Arms

Just for 10 Downing street we have designed a bar sign featuring what we think it would look like decorated for a full blown lock down breaking party the morning after. The hero line straight out of the Beastie boys playlist "Fight for your right to party" Just for the full effect we've added our own ghetto blaster playing Pub Shed Radio, Remember to Bring your own booze. This custom bar sign would look great in the garden on a pub shed at 10 Downing street.
Cheers Boris
10 Dowing street - Cheese and wine party.
Available in three sizes and five popular shapes, double sided print with two 5mm drill holes at the top for hanging signs or single sided print with four 5mm screw holes for wall mounted signs. Each sign is printed directly onto 3mm aluminium composite which is both durable and weather resistant and will not blister or peel.
A weather proof steel bracket for hanging signs is available.