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Vintage bar Signs & Pub Signs

Vintage bar signs

Two Fat Blokes have been busy designing a new range of 1940’s style bar signs, The designs are inspired by London bar signs from Shepherd Neame and Fullers breweries. Matt our lead guru and chief designer worked in London for a design agency that specialises in brewery signs for many years before we started Two Fat Blokes. Pub signs date back to roman times and have need developing ever since. Our new range of Vintage signs all feature a familiar design style with an illustrated style image relevant to the bar name, A bar name in a semi-circular style font, an Established date and a tagline at the bottom of the sign in a dark backdrop. Finally, a black border with a pinstripe to match the main background colour. So, here’s a look at some of the new range and how each one came about.

The Vape Inn

When the smoking ban came in it changed the visit to the local pub or club, gone are the days of smoke filled rooms with men and women puffing away on pipes, cigarettes, then they banned our Vaping as well. We designed this one as the essence of a old Gentleman’s club with the perfect combination of pint of ale and a SMOK vape machine from our favourite vape supplier If you’re looking for a great range of vaping gear then check them out.

Custom Bar sign, Vape Inn Vape Lounge

The Pheasant Pluckers Arms

In this sign we use the play on words from the tongue twister – I’m not a Pheasant plucker, I’m a Pheasant pluckers son, I’m only plucking pheasants til the pheasant pluckers come. The image is a Pheasant with a pint and a scotch.

Pheasant Plucker bar sign, custom hanging sign, pub sign 

The Tipsy Toucan

Designed especially for Irish Stout lovers, it features an illustrated Toucan as a nod to the Guinness adverts of the early 1930’s and later became synonymous with the brand for many decades. Our design features the Toucan, a pint of the black stuff, a small glass of Irish set against a turquoise background.

 Tipsy Toucan Bar sign, Pub sign, Hanging bar sign

The Fire Engine

Designed especially for the winner of Pub Shed of the year for a former fireman now retire. The winner was Kevin at The Engine House with his amazing garden shed that’s as much a museum to the fire service at it is a pub. Featuring a fire engine from the late 1940’s.

Fire Engine Pub sign, bar sign, Hanging sign 

The Stumble Inn

A wonderfully simple bar sign using the name as the key element of the sign with the idea of Stumbling into the garden boozer, An ever popular name for the pub shed, a classic maroon background with gold lettering and a pint of amber gold.

 Stumble Inn, Bar Sign, Stagger Out, Pub sign

The Last Stop

Designed with a play on the main image, featuring the classic 1950’s London Routemaster that ran until 2005 before being replaced by the Boris Bus. The idea behind the sign is the back garden boozer will be your last stop after coming home from work or the pub. Again with a pint of dark ale, gold font and red background.

Routemaster bus pub sign, bar sign, London Bus 

The Pickled Newt

Another play on words here, Instead as P***ed as a newt we have used the more friendly Pickled as a newt, The name is believed to come from the Royal Navy, In lord Nelson’s time ensigns were known as Newts and it didn’t take much grog to get them drunk. Hence the expression “p***ed as a newt”. Our sign features a newt in a glass of Champagne with a green background and the bottle cork complete with the wire basket.

Pickled Newt bar sign, Pub sign ,custom bar sign 

The Dog House

Probably the most popular name for back garden boozers, This version features a basset hound sat next to a pint and a scotch with a maroon background and gold font. We're bringing out more dog house bar signs so if you have a dog breed you would like on the sign give us a shout.

Dog House, Bar Sign Dog Pub sign, Hanging bar sign 

Smokin INN

When the smoking ban came in it changed the visit to the local pub or club, Gone are the days of smoke filled rooms with men and women puffing away on pipes, cigarettes and cigars.We designed this one as the essence of a old Gentleman's club with a Cuban Cohiba cigar and a glass of Cognac brandy. We researched which cigar to pick via our friends website Swiss Cuban Cigars, if you want to know all about cigars then click the link below for an in depth read on Cigars.

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