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What is a Signature Series Bar Sign?

Let's start at the beginning,

Two Fat B@2t5!ds... We mean blokes started our company in Feb 2021 following redundancy from a marketing agency, while the pay was great we had to listen to corporate management telling us what was good and bad, how to design a great piece of artwork, The pandemic was a blessing for us as we were able to work on an idea that was brewing hence Two Fat Blokes was born.

We make and design all of our bar signs in house, our resident designer Fat Bloke Two Matt studied art and design at Cambridge as a young man, After many years working in the corporate marketing game, Matt and Ash formed Two fat Blokes to do something that we both love, designing Pub signs without corporate interference, no committees, no teams meeting listening to people who liked the sound of their own voices.

So onto our designs, we looked at what the competition was doing and to be really honest they go from bad clip art to truly awful with no imagination. We decided very quickly that no matter what we we're only going to design signs that are brilliant, so much so we would rather spend a few days designing a personalised bar signs that’s perfect than just OK.

We came up with the Signature Series range to give our customers the option to own their very own masterpiece. 

Signature Series

These are true masterpieces where you put your trust in Fat Matt to go crazy, to design a one-off masterpiece, Fat Ash finds out about you, your design and some personal information to help him put a brief together. Ash gets your agreement on a final brief so that the final design is truly personal to the owner. We only do a select few briefs; they take weeks to do so we only do 2 to 3 a month. As with any masterpiece they deserve to be signed by the artist. They are considerably more expensive than the premium range but when you see the results you will understand why. All made to our high standards on 3mm Aluminium composite, waterproof, frost proof and UV proof – Guaranteed for five years.

Here's some example so the signature pub signs we have completed  for the pub shed community.

The Old Windsor - Designed for a couple who used to live in sight of Windsor castle under the flight path of Heathrow The bar sign features Windsor Castle with the queen at home , a BA Boeing 7474 and a  vintage bottle of french wine.

Signature Series Bar Sign by 

The Krafty Koi - Designed with Billie the dog sat with her front paws on the edge of a pond with the Koi sticking his head above the water and facing forward with his body just visible below the water. Designed using only a photo of Bille the dog to work from. 


The Ede & Anchor -Designed with a simple photo of the owners dog put into a Napoleon style uniform with an 17th century anchor in the background with a latin quote about Drink to be free.

Dog Bar Sign in Napoleon uniform

The Orchard - Quite a simple concept as the owners bar is next to an orchard, the sign shows bright sunshine with an apple orchard and bright red ripe apples.

An apple tree bar sign

The Chequered Flag - The owner is a fan of 1970s Capris and wanted to have a bar sign with a Ford Capri on the straight at Le Mans with the Chequered flag an a suggestion of speed. All done from Matt's own imagination.