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Whiskies are all the same aren’t they?

After all it’s all made from only three ingredients Malted Barley, Spring Water & Yeast.

How can one drink have so many flavours from such humble ingredients.

In fact the sheer diversity and tastes in Whisky are breathtaking.

Two Fat Blokes pride ourselves on knowing a thing or two about booze.

The short answer is Whiskeys are as complex as bar signs.

We both have an extensive Whisky range in our bars, Fat Mat preferring the smoky peaty varieties from the island of Islay with his current favourite being Bowmore and myself (Fat Ash) a big fan of Irish Whisky, my current favourite Tullamore Dew 14 year old.

While researching this article we quickly realised how out of our depth we are when it comes to the World of Whisky so we reached out to our friends at World of Whisky for some help, having read their extensive reviews and helpfully expansion on the subject we quickly realised we should stick to bar signs, something we are truly the experts at.

So our take on Whisky is this – Go read about them from the experts at World of Whisky and come talk to us about your bar signs. Talk about bar signs we have a few Whisky inspired bar signs.

Now we've sorted the drink, how do you drink your favorite whiskey, clearly straight from the bottle is a little common so we need glasses that match the grandeur of theses fine whiskeys, Having done much research we stumbled on a great article written about the subject of glasses, very informative and opened our eyes to the diversity of Whiskey glasses.

Click here to read all about the Best whiskey glasses sets


best whiskey glasses sets


The Whisky Shack – This bar sign features two glass of the amber gold set against a worn looking parchment backdrop and traditional font for the bar name.

Whiskey Bar Sign - Hanging pub signs.

The Whisky Bar – This bar sign features a similar design and style as a complementary bar sign with a direction arrow to help you find the bar.

Bar Sign arrow, directional bar signs