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Terms & Conditions.

Two Fat Blokes print what you ask us to print so once you've asked us to proceed we will - Ya can't change it

We print it as you type it so if you spelt it wrong then we assume that's what you wanted. So check what you've asked for before you press GO.

We're open minded but we may reject offensive or hateful text or images. If we do then we will refund your order.

We offer a five year warranty on the bar signs, They won't fade or peel or we will give you a replacement. offers a no risk warranty - If when we have sent the print proof, you’ve had changes made and you don’t like what we have done we will give you a full and complete refund – No questions asked.

Copyright - All artwork is the express property of trading as Two Fat Blokes Bar Signs Emporium, if you want rights to the artwork then ask for transfer of ownership of the image rights. We will quote you for the ownership rights transfer. The artwork generated by may not be used without the express permission in writing of

We will change the layout to suit the shape and size of the sign with your text. If you prefer to see what it looks like before we make it then ask for a proof of print.

By placing your order you agree to terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights because legally it can't.

We try hard to make this site accurate and correct but we reserve the right to change terms and conditions or amend as we want.

If we make a mistake on the website we're sorry, we will try and get it corrected as soon as we know its wrong, meanwhile have a beer and chill.

Are you still reading the terms and conditions or like 99% of bar owners who have decided to place an order for a swanky new bar sign after nine pints of Old Peculiar, three shots of homemade Werther's vodka and some weird orange Sambuca that's been on the shelf for four years since you mate Dave last went to Greece, so you just clicked Buy without reading the terms and conditions and agreed to whatever we put in the terms and conditions no matter how ridiculous or stupid.

Birthday cake clause - By purchasing from Two Fat Blokes sign emporium you agree to provide a birthday cake for the two fat blokes in the weekend closest to their birthdays, which are April 28th and February 17. Vanilla sponge cake is not acceptable.

Mortal Soul Clause -You grant us a non-transferable option to claim, for now and for ever more, your immortal soul. Should We wish to exercise this option, you agree to surrender your immortal soul, and any claim you may have on it, within five working days of receiving written notification from or one of its duly authorised minions.

Herod Clause - The purchaser agree's to assign their first-born child to us for the duration of eternity. 

TwoFB Clause - We don't want Mortal souls or First borns so we won't enact these clauses - We make bar signs, drink beer and eat cake-Cheers