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Garden bars growing in popularity due to cost of living crisis.

Two Fat Blokes bar signs, Pub Shed Radio & GSPN run a national competition to find Britain’s best garden pub shed.

With the huge cost of living crisis more and more homeowners are adding their own pub in their gardens. With the average cost of a pint now over £4 across the whole of the UK and over £5 in London it’s no surprise that that Britons are looking for ways to save on the cost of their entertainment. By having your own garden pub you save on the cost of the booze with a pint from the local supermarket costing just £1.38 it's easy to see how much is saved by having your favourite tipple at home, then there’s no expensive taxis or waiting at a bus stop.

During the pandemic the popularity of having your own pub in your garden exploded, estimates put the number more than 2 million back garden pubs and bars are now in operation. Many of these bars are DIY built featuring fully functioning bars with sound systems, pool tables, darts boards, real fires, and a huge variety of drinks for friends and family. The owners even name their bars with many owners having a bar sign featuring their bar name and a tongue in cheek design.

To recognise the best of the best, & the Facebook group Garden Shed Pubs & Nightclubs run a competition for back garden publicans to enter their bar for the converted title Pub Shed of The Year 2022 plus various other prizes for first, second and third places. With 1066 entries this year the judges selected their top three which go to a public vote via the Pub Shed Of The Year website. Each bar is shown on the site for visitors from across the UK to vote for their favourite between 12th and 28th October 2022.

The final winner of Pub Shed Of The Year 2022 will be broadcast live on the partner of & Garden Shed Pubs & Nightclubs.

None of the finalist will know if they are the winners until live on air, Ashley Turner the owner of, DJ Tommy Funka the owner of Pub Shed Radio & Nick St.John from Garden Shed Pubs & Nightclubs will knock on the door of the winners Pub Shed Of The Year on the night of 12th November complete with a DJ rig to broadcast live to the nation form the winning pub shed.


The Dog & Ball - Portsmouth

The Dog & Ball

The Stagger Inn - Manchester

Stagger Inn

The Tiger Inn - Minehead
Tiger Inn

Tiger Inn


To Vote for your favorite click here

Update 13th October 2022

The National press have picked up on the competition and its now front page news.

The Sun

The Metro

The Mirror