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Pub Shed Suppliers & Friends Directory

We are hugely involved in the pub shed and man cave world both in the UK and North America. We work with many other organisations and companies. On this page you will find links to suppliers and friends of Two Fat Blokes. Whilst we host links to these companies we do not directly endorse them so please carry out your own due diligence. 

Pub Shed Radio - Yes it really exists, Volunteer DJ's broadcast from their pub shed to yours. Our ethos is to bring you the listener an interactive non commercial radio station free from advertising commercials with a Prime Selection of Live DJ's & Radio Presenters Live From Our Home Bars & Pub Sheds Direct To Yours.

pub shed radio

 Pub Shed Of The Year - A year competition to find the very best Pub Shed & Man caves across the UK, A yearly competition where garden publicans enter their pubs, bars, man caves, gin palaces  for the much coveted title of Pub Shed of The Year. The finalists go forward to a public vote with the winner announced live on Pub Shed radio.

pub shed of the year logoGarden Shed Pubs & Nightclubs group - A great facebook group that members can share and request help and ideas for their garden shed, pubs or nightclubs. 300,000 members from all across the globe, A great resource for you to see what others are doing.Garden Shed Pubs & Nightclubs logo

The One Stop Pub Shop provide an extensive range of pub and home bar stuff throughout Lancashire and the United Kingdom. Whatever your project whether its cold draught beer in a garden or man cave bar for family and friends or a 12 line bespoke pub dispense system we can provide a solution that meets your needs and budget.

One Stop pub shop

KUVR.  Made to measure covers for outside bars, gazebos & shelters - Kuvr® design and manufacture custom covers for a huge variety of applications. Our covers transform spaces, protect possessions, and provide peace of mind. Instant quotes for custom covers is our mantra, high quality workmanship and fanatical customer service is what we strive for, keeping manufacturing local is our philosophy.

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Cocktail Pantry.

A great selection of cocktail ingredients, tips and recipes from our friends at Cocktail Pantry.

A great new homemade ingredient by Cocktail pantry - 

Miracle Dust new to the market cocktail foamer. This product is like no other, it can be used in a shaker, a cream whipper or with a pond pump or wand. Never worry about a foam on your Pornstar again!

 Cocktail Pantry Logo

Check out our friends facebook group.

Its a facebook group dedicated to sales and swaps of everything for the Man Cave & Home Bar, It run by Mick Bellamy a fellow Pub shed owner.

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