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The Story of Two Fat Blokes

Once upon a time there were Two Fat B@2t5!ds... We mean blokes. Many, many moons ago, the fat blokes were working for a big marketing agency, working on large accounts for some pretty big names. One of the fat blokes, Matt, was a design wizard. While the other fat bloke, Ash, produced and installed the designs all over Europe.

After working closely together for years, the fat blokes became good friends, often bonding over their love of beer, indie rock, and their design ideas.

The Home Bar Trend

Sometime later, after many, many beers were sunk and crisps consumed, COVID hit, and the pub trips were put on hold. This led to an influx in home bars popping up in gardens everywhere. All across the UK, home bars and pub sheds were being built, transformed and designed. Some very close to home. Ash’s brother and sister-in-law built their own home bar in their garden in 2020.

Once it was built, they decided to use The Fat Blokes’ talent and commissioned them to create the very first TwoFB home bar signs. Matt took charge on the design front and Ash oversaw the project with an idea brewing…

Once the first lot of home bar signs were complete, Ash and Matt looked over their handywork and clinked a socially distanced beer in celebration. As they were both on furlough, there was a lot of time for thinking, drinking, and more thinking. With all this spare time, Ash thought why not continue the bar sign buzz and Matt agreed.

Thus, Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium was born. They quickly did some market research and got an understanding of the wonderful sheddie community they wanted to be part of. Almost as soon as TwoFB began, their employer went under, and the Fat Blokes were now full time sheddies, working closely with the community and looking for other small businesses to work with and projects to dive into.

It was a hasty start, trying their hand at website building, gaining customers, and something called ‘followers’…? Fast forward 12 months and the Fat Blokes have cracked it! Over 5000 followers of fellow sheddies and home bar enthusiasts (and friends). Not to mention the Pub Shed of the Year competition that they run each year or their work as the official supplier to Garden Shed Pubs & Nightclubs &  the many competitions ran alongside Pub Shed Radio, and lots of opportunity to work with other local small businesses on the horizon.

The story of Two Fat Blokes has led to a range of over 150 unique products, thousands of happy customers, and two very happy Fat Blokes.


A Special Thank You

The Fat Blokes have to thank Ash’s sister-in-law, Rachel, who sadly passed away due to Covid. Without her, the idea would have never been a reality. The Fat Blokes would not be complete without her input and their loyal team, including Liza, Mrs Fat Bloke (Susan), and Elvis the print shop pup. As well as their loyal and lovely customers, friends, and fellow pub sheddies.