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Refund Policy

Two Fat Blokes refund and replacement policy is simply and above all ethical.
We will refund -
1. If we make a mistake then we will rectify the problem at no cost to you or refund in full - Your preference.
2. If you change your mind before you have approved the artwork then we offer a full 100% refund. No questions.
3. If you have a validated warranty claim in the first 12 months we will replace or refund at you option once we have verified your claim, after 12 months we will supply a new sign at no cost to you.
4. For warranty claims simply send an email to with a brief description of your issue and photographs of the issue.
5. We will not refund if you simply change your mind after you have approved the artwork as all signs are customised to your order. 
If you are claiming a refund under the Refund policy clause 1 or 2 we will refund within 24 hours of validating your claim.
If you are claiming a warranty replacement under the Refund policy clause 3  we will get a new sign into production within 24 hours of validating your claim.
Our personalised signs are backed by a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defect.
Our Budget signs, Runners, coasters & T shirts are gurenteed for 1 year against defect.