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How To Create The Perfect Garden Bar

The pandemic led to a lot of lifestyle changes for many of us. One of the more positive changes is the growth of home bars across the UK. The Blackpool Gazette has reported that 2.7million households have taken it upon themselves to curate their own bars, which is a 51% increase from before the pandemic. Nearly a third (28%) of lockdown pub creators said that their idea to create a home bar was to have something to focus on and break their boredom.

The same study found that theme-wise, the most popular were modern-style (33%), pub style (21%), and beach bar style (21%). Now, you know we know our way around a pub, garden bar and a garden shed by now. We’re not saying we’re experts at décor, but we are experts at drinking, so we’re here to give you some tips on how to create the perfect garden home bar in time for the summer.

The Dog & Ball - Home bar interior

Garden pub signs

Firstly, it is our humble opinion that no home bar is complete without a garden bar sign. Naming your garden bar takes it from just a shed to a pub. Giving your bar a name not only adds character, but also gives you a conversation piece to entertain guests. Maybe you’ve got a family inside joke? Or a dog that deserves to be muse of the pub. Slap it in an email to us and we’re happy to print it as a bespoke home bar sign for you. Home bar signs complete the home bar, and that’s a fact.

It’s no secret we with think pub signs for home bars are the key to the best home bar, but décor is important too. For those who don’t know, we also work alongside other pub shed enthusiasts and run the Pub Shed of The Year award, where the best-looking pub shed wins. So, if you’re looking to enter, the most unique bars are the best contenders. Be ready for entries October 2022!

If you’re thinking of going all out, typical pub accessories such as custom bar runners and coasters can really add that classic feel. Or, if you want to go a step more, custom T-shirts with your bar’s branding and design can be a great treat.

The Bells End - home bar


There’s no right or wrong when it comes to design ideas, your pub can be whatever you want for whatever budget you’ve got. The most popular styles are listed above, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating your own style.

The best advice, if you’re struggling, is to take inspiration from other bars/pubs you like and draw inspiration from their theme and make it your own. If you’re stuck for ideas, we’ve listed some below:

  • 1920’s themed speakeasy
  • Hawaiian bar
  • Sports bar
  • Traditional pub
  • Trendy gin bar
  • DIY industrial bar
  • Music and karaoke bar

When decorating your home bar, it might take a while to get the theme right and you may want to test out a few ideas. It’s important to consider your space and budget allowance before jumping into anything.

We would advise to look at your space first, then see what space you’re using up for storage and other pub essentials like your taps, fridges, fruit machine if you’re lucky enough, and then see what would best fit your space and your own tastes.

The Dog House - garden bar interior


Are you planning on having an interesting exterior as well as interior? If you’re lucky enough to have the space, adding some additional outdoor décor like benches, umbrellas, and flowers to give you a pub garden space too. We think that lights can also have a huge difference on how your pub looks. Imagine a nice walkway to the front of your pub door, some bright lights illuminating your garden pub sign from Two Fat Blokes… perfection.

For the interior we think lights are a big deal too. Do you want the trademark dimness of an old pub, or are you aiming for stark, clean lighting for your chic garden bar? It really is all down to you but personally, we think go big or go home with all décor.

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Why not help the environment and craft an entirely upcycled bar? This idea could save you a fair bit of cash and give your home pub some character. Lots of home pubs have taken to upcycling crates to make innovative seating, storage, and even the bar itself.

You can get a lot of interesting stuff on online marketplaces and car boots that need sprucing up. Save yourself some cash and buy second-hand. This might be something for the DIY lovers out there, but even if you’re a novice, give it a go. It’ll add character to your pub and make it truly bespoke to you. And who knows, it might be a new hobby for you.


When it comes to stocking your bar, you have the luxury of deciding exactly what you’re serving (and to who). Some lockdown landlords went all the way and installed taps for that authentic pint pour. Perhaps you prefer spirits and have shelves upon shelves of different spirits and liquors littering your kitchen.

Whatever you choose to put in your bar is down to you, but now you have the luxury of your own space, you could invest in a cocktail kit and really get your bar skills up to scratch. Christen your home bar with its own signature cocktail and you’re good to go.

Joel's Jazz Bar - home bar setup

Infotainment system

You can add your choice of sound system so you can play your party tunes or just some background music. We personally like a good quality pair of speakers and an amplifier connected to Alexa, perfect for listening to your own music or Pub Shed Radio – Yes there really is a Pub Shed Radio – were massive fans.

You can also add a TV for sports matches, movie nights, or just general watching with a pint. Having a TV and working sound system really opens the doors for pub. Think karaoke nights and lots of booze.

The ‘perfect’ garden bar is whatever you’re happy with. The best bit about being a garden landlord is that you get to call the shots on how your pub shed looks, feels, smells, and the tastes.

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