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Our Dog Bar Signs - Add Your Own Dogs Photo!

Here at Two Fat Blokes, we do love our four-legged friends. If you’re a regular at TwoFB you’ll know we have our very own print shop dog – Elvis, who both inspired and practically blackmailed us to have a line of dog personalised bar signs for him and his mates to be the stars of home bars across the country.

As part of his wages, Elvis, ever the business pooch, also bargained that for every dog bar sign sold, he should be paid in the form of biscuits and tennis balls. And who are we to say no?

Additionally, with Crufts 2022 just around the corner we thought there’s no better time to showcase some of our lovely dog home bar signs. For those who don’t know, Crufts will be taking place 10-13th March this year, showcasing lots of beautiful and brilliant breeds, but not very much drinking, so probably best you watch it from the comfort of your home bar, like we will be.

When we brought out our range of dog home bar signs, we only started with a few: The Dog & Duck, Three Dog Inn, The Dog House, and The Long Dog. Fast forward to now and our The Dog House bar sign is one of our most popular bar signs, and the dog bar sign collection a favourite for lots of our happy customers.


The dog bar signs

Personalised bar signs

With Crufts coming up and the nations overall love for their pups, we decided to take Elvis’ request one step further and add to our range of home bar pub signs. As such, we decided to create a bar sign to showcase your dogs in a picture of your choosing. Well, we made two cause we’re so generous. You can browse them here.

Add your own dog to a bar sign!

Essentially, you can fit a picture of your dog onto either our Old Bull bar sign or The Dog House bar sign to create a completely bespoke personalised shed or bar sign with your dogs face on it. Our personalised dog bar signs can make your pooch the pub mascot of your home bar or shed. 

Feel free to send us and tag us in any pics of your pups with their bar sign likeness to our Facebook page here.

 Use the hashtag #TwoFBpubdogs.