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The Rise of the Home Bar

Covid-19 took a lot from us and undoubtedly changed the way the world worked for a period. Even now, we are still seeing affects of the pandemic and adjusting and adapting. One way brits have had to adapt to the affects of the pandemic is considering how and where they can pick up a pint. With pubs and restaurants closed, brits were stuck for where they could watch the footy and have a beer.

Enter, the home bar. A trip to the pub has become an integral part of British culture and consumers have decided to take matters into their own hands and create that beloved pub experience in their own homes. Sheds, garages, and spare rooms have been transformed into boozers, fit with bar signs, beer mats and all you could want on tap. reported that on-trade drinking occasions fell by 750 million last year, but off-trade drinking occasions increased by 350 million! This of course meant that consumers were a little slower returning to the pubs, as a lucky few had it all in the comfort of their own homes.

Because of the rise of the home pub, statistics have shown increases in the purchase of flavoured spirits, stout, and ales, as well as bar snacks. The humble scratching and scampi fries have been welcomed into homes to recreate that unique pub flavour and feel. Research also reveals that sales of barware, such as cocktail shakers, corkscrews and ice crushers has grown by 68.6% compared to the previous year. It seems consumers are dedicated to not only drinking at home but creating a bespoke bar for themselves, fitted with all the pub classics: beer mats, bar runners, home bar signs. That’s where we come in.

Its no doubt home bars have absolutely boomed, and we couldn’t be happier about it! We’re avid fans of a pint or two, and the pubs shutting down inspired us to transform our shed too. We transformed our shed into Two Fat Blokes ShedQuarters and decided to create a selection of home bar signs and garden bar signs for the day drinker, the wine drinker, and the lockdown alcoholic…

Home Bar Signs

So, if you are a lucky owner of a home bar, whether it be The Stagger Inn or The Dog House, we’ve got bar paraphernalia to fill any pub and suit any landlord. From our shed to yours, we’ve got all you need (except a fruit machine).

The stagger inn

Two Fat Blokes stock:

Our home bar signs can be modified in shape and size and come with completely customisable names and secondary text (for an established date or moto). Our signs are available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. As well as five different shapes: dome, square, circular, traditional, and square. All our bar signs are printed directly onto 3mm aluminium composite which is durable and weather resistant. No blistering or peeling.

We carry a large range of suggested names, but if you’re feeling creative, we can create a truly bespoke bar sign for you, just go to our website and go to our bespoke page! We love to see what you come up with. We like to see crazy, so go nuts!

Whether its business or booze, the garden shed has become a well-loved extension of our homes and we think they should be adorned properly. Bar signs, pork scratchings, beer on tap, and a broken glass. The lot!

If you’ve got a bare home bar you’re looking to spruce up, Two Fat Blokes have got you sorted.

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