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Upcycling your Garden with a Small Garden Structure

Naming and re-framing to give your garden that instant lift!

Having a garden is one of life’s simple pleasures. The ability to walk out into a natural space and make it your own is a joy few would turn down. Even if the upkeep isn’t always that simple!

Whether your garden is small or large, there are sure to be times where you have felt like a change. Like any room in your house, a garden refresh can really lift your spirits, creating a deeper sense of home.

But with so many ways to go about it, and so many costs to consider, it can feel like a real under-taking. Does this sound familiar? Well, we have some solutions for you! Solutions that won’t mean paying through the nose to make something wonderful.

When it comes to gardens there are two very simple things you can do to make a huge impact on that renovation.

  • Create a small, eye-catching structure or section of your garden
  • Give it a name!

And believe us, there is magic in a name. With huge numbers of the British public renovating sheds to become pubs and bars during lockdown, there was one thing they could not do without. A name for their new local! And with so many wild and whacky names to choose from, the fun is endless.

But it need’t be limited to naming a pub shed. Having a Pagoda called ‘The Cozy’, even naming it ‘Roy’ or ‘Florence’, lends and extra dimension to your space. It separates the location from the house and surrounding garden. It adds a bit of ceremony, and fun!

With so many small structures available, and ways to protect and ensure use for years to come, the sky really is the limit. With this in mind, we have put together a mini run-down of some of the best structural ideas, tips and tricks. Hoping to inspire you into building on your own open space.

Not only will it bring out the best in your garden, but could even boost your happiness! 

custom tarpaulin

Thinking Structurally

Small gardens are often the trickiest to approach as space is so limited. But a quick gander online shows you can find all manner of small structures, designed to make the most of your space. From pergolas and ‘dining pergolas’, to arbours and arches, there are many ways to build something remarkable whilst not forfeiting space! 

And when it comes to protecting and weatherproofing these structures, what do you do? This is where Custom Covers can help. As a British manufacturer based in the midlands, they manufacture clear and coloured custom tarpaulin made to measure and privacy screens for all kinds of garden buildings and outdoor areas. Their covers can help to transform spaces by keeping the wind and rain out — not to mention prying eyes — making them useable all year round. Find lots of customer reviews and photos on their website.

As outlined in this Real Homes article, “privacy is a difficult thing to find in a tight urban space – but by creating a tiny shelter in a courtyard garden you can get your precious me-time while the world whizzes on outside”. Having that space, and giving it a name, can really help to bring about the sense of leaving the world behind. More relaxation means you come back brighter!

made to measure tarpaulin

Compartmentalizing the Garden

If you aren’t able to build a new structure, simply zoning your garden to clearly mark out areas of use will help to create a greater sense of space. There are plenty of options out for garden storage boxes on wheels. This means seating and storage options that allow you to move around for a refresh anytime!  

Using cheaper (or even free!) materials like wooden pallets to make excellent planters, or a small garden bar, is a wonderful way to make use of space. And gives you a chance to get really creative too! Add some caster-wheels to your planter, and you’re good to go.

And with those custom tarpaulins and screens from, you could keep privacy at a maximum here too. Securing a screen to fencing or an existing building or structure helps to demarcate and protect those areas for entertaining or relaxing. Giving some privacy for a bit of nudist sunbathing perhaps!? We won’t tell anyone.

Available in a variety of sizes, it really pushes the boundaries of possibility in your garden.

custom tarpaulin

Using Vertical Space

Which leads nicely on to our next point: making the most of the higher points in the garden. With Pallet crates and vertical planters, you can make beautiful flower or herb gardens that won’t dominate the space.

Giving your planter a fresh lick of paint will also add to that refreshed feeling. And if you are trying to open up the space, remember to use pale or muted colours. This will help the space to appear larger, and make the flowers and foliage in your garden pop.

Naming and Reframing

With Two Fat Blokes Bar Sign Emporium, you can name your new space anything you like! With a wealth of personalised stock signs and titles, as well as a custom option for those who have their minds already made up. You can really have fun with it!

Creating a fresh space for yourself gives a joyful boost. Spending time in nature is beneficial for your health. And when you can use that time spent outside to be with friends and family, so much the better!  Something we can all agree we will not be taking for granted in the years to come.

Have a browse and see what we have in store, and don’t forget to visit for all kinds of coloured and glass clear tarpaulin made to measure. Giving you the benefit of your beautiful garden, all year round!

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